Building the Business Case

We understand that when you initiate a conversation about executive coaching for your female talent, you can invariably hit a number of roadblocks before you’ve even started. Being able to answer the big question - ‘Why?’-  in a way that is relevant, commercially minded, and can prove ROI, makes sense but how do you go about building this business case and what are the key areas to address?

Those organisations investing in developing top female talent are gaining clear competitive advantage and seeing the positive impact coaching can have on the performance of their organisation, delivering obvious commercial benefit.

At Talking Talent, our coaches play key roles in developing female talent in some of the leading organisations in the UK right now, including Ernst & Young, Barclays and Novartis.  Our insight and experience have enabled us to develop a clear step-by-step approach to building a rock solid and compelling business case for making coaching a top priority for any business. 

Our latest insight guide provides a clear step-by-step approach to building a rock solid business case; from identification of talent gaps through to articulating the strategic impact.