The Career Paradox for UK Women

This report is an examination of the working environment for women and mothers and seeks to understand what organisations are doing to support female career progression. Based on research conducted among 1,000 professional women, it sets out to identify which are the best and worst sectors for women and working mothers, based on key factors such as female progression and retention, the amount of value and support received, and employer attitudes towards women and working mothers in general.

It also examines the current paradox of being a woman in the workplace whereby a large proportion (80%) say that they feel supported in their career, while at the same time many of those same women have experienced prejudice, been overlooked for promotion and held back by their gender. This paradox is also explored through the lens of a working mother.

The report demonstrates how current experiences could shape the future talent pipeline of senior level women. It puts forward suggestions as to how existing challenges can be overcome and measures introduced to reflect the support women and working mothers really need to succeed in their organisation.

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