The World is Changing

Transforming Support For Working Parents Is Fast Becoming A Business Imperative.

Are your employees silently evaluating their career choices? New research suggests that for many the transition into parenthood is seen as a barrier to career progression prompting them to actively turn to employers who offer innovative and flexible support.

Talent loss impacts hard on the bottom line: replacement costs, team productivity, client revenue - the effect is widespread. Get the support right and businesses can improve retention, increase performance, differentiate from the competition, and enhance brand equity.  They become a true employer of choice - retaining and attracting key talent.

The first step to getting it right is to move towards providing continuous, inclusive support.  Working across maternity, paternity and adoption, Talking Talent’s online portal, TTOnline, is a cost-effective coaching-led solution that provides on-going and consistent support when, and how, working parents and their managers need it.

Download our Working Parents Insight Guide or watch our video to see how TTOnline can make a commercial difference to your organisation.