Working out burnout

Burnout matches

Do We Really Understand The Route To Burnout And The Ways We Can Take An Exit Before It Becomes Too Late, Both As Employers And Employees?

Talking Talent offers an in-depth study to get to the heart of what triggers burnout with professionals in UK businesses, identifying trends, attitudes and behaviours across family set-ups, industries and seniority of position, as well as offering key insights for employers on preventative approaches to burnout.

The context for this research is an increased risk of social, emotional, psychological and physical distress as employees wrestle with more complex and stressful lives. 
How well has society equipped its citizens with skills to respond to these pressures? A reluctance to show weakness, and a reliance on a ‘Be Strong’ attitude, or a form of ‘Blitz Spirit’ may work for brief periods of time. However, burnout is an inevitable risk of our relentless drive for more productivity. The reality of our ‘always on’ cultures makes mental and physical illness more likely and more apparent.

Essential reading for HR Directors, Heads of Wellbeing , line managers and employers with a desire to address holistic wellbeing.