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Brilliance in diversity.

Having an inclusive culture with diversity of thinking is not a nice to have, it is essential – the single biggest difference when it comes to unlocking potential and organisational success. To remain competitive and innovative, a business must hold on to – and get the best from – its talented people. The only way to make a difference on tough gender and commercial targets is to build more inclusive environments where everyone is engaged and encouraged to thrive. Talking Talent enables leaders, individuals and organisations achieve this through the delivery of deeply experienced and informed coaching programmes and consultancy that create brilliance in diversity and ignite profound company-wide behavioural change.

Working Parents and Carers Coaching

Successfully managing individuals through the parental transition, engaging and retaining talent for the long term, is one of the greatest challenges organisations face. Our research reveals one in two women cites becoming a parent as the key pinch-point in her career progression. Talking Talent transforms how organisations manage and support their employees who are going through the transition to parenthood.

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Women's Leadership Coaching

The challenge of female representation at board level and the progression of women is well documented. Businesses and governments recognise that enabling women to work at the most senior levels is not just good for the individuals involved, but also makes sound business sense. We’re passionate about helping organisations achieve their equality goals and move far past current figures that show women make up just 29 per cent of hires to UK boards.

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Executive Women's Programmes

Talking Talent’s coaching programmes for female executives support and challenge individuals to develop their career and personal vision in a way that is authentic and sustainable to them, while also aligned with strategic business goals.

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Wellbeing & Sustainable Performance Coaching

Talking Talent supports organisations to establish a proactive, tailored and preventative approach to wellbeing. We work with individuals and organisations to create coaching-led interventions based on a diagnostic framework specifically tailored to a leadership audience. These interventions are designed to enhance wellbeing, identify unique issues and provide tools to deliver lasting change.

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Talking Talent Online

Talking Talent Online helps individuals thrive at work. It is the portable coaching solution for busy professionals wanting support for their careers, and line managers who want to support them.

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Inclusion with Purpose

Leveraging inclusion and diversity – among individuals, cultures and systems – helps create competitive advantages and sustains growth. Talking Talent supports inspiring organisations to achieve their sustainable inclusion and diversity goals through strategic advice, practical solutions and capability building.

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Case studies

At Talking Talent we’ve improved the performance of some of the world’s most successful multinational organisations. Have a read of some of our impact stories.

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Ask a Coach

Have a particular question? Or seeking guidance on something specific? Ask our coaching experts from different specialist fields to share their experience and knowledge with you. 

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