Working Parents

Working families

Supporting your families, strengthening your workforce

Having a family shouldn’t be a barrier to success. Talking Talent offers coaching for working parents and carers, so they can be their best – at home and at work. 

We support organisations in creating workplaces that are inclusive, flexible, and family-friendly. We help all working parents and carers achieve equal opportunities for growth and progression, meeting your working families where they need it most. 

At Talking Talent we can help you achieve the ideal coaching blend to meet the needs of your organisation and your people. Combining 1:1 coaching, group coaching and digital delivery, our blended approach means that we can support and nurture your working families at every step, keeping it personal to them. 

As pioneers in coaching for working parents, we know a thing or two about the benefits of parent coaching. Better engagement, connection, performance and retention to name a few. 

Inspire the kind of culture you’re your people feel part of. 

Over two thirds (68%) feel professional pressures now negatively impact their ability to be the parent they’d like to be, whilst three-in-five (57%) feel guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their children. 

Parental Transitions Coaching

Welcome to the family:why new beginnings are good for business.

Parents face new challenges with each addition to their family. And we want to create a world of work where everyone can be their best and grow. So for us, that means being able to fully balance the intersection between work and family life. Our expert parental transitions coaching provides personalised development that helps all parents (and their managers) prepare for leave, return to work smoothly and manage longer-term career sustainability.

Our coaching gets great results for everyone. Stronger leaders with better engagement and connection, increased retention, alongside building inclusive cultures that promote career development and work-life balance.

Parental Transitions
Working Parents Coaching

Working Parents Coaching

Family matters: The power of investing in your parents.

Juggling additional responsibilities at home naturally affects all facets of your working parents lives, including work. Rather than ignoring these unique challenges, businesses can equip parents to thrive with new leadership skills, behaviours and mindsets.

We’ve created coaching programmes to help working parents through the different stages of family life. From thinking about starting a family, through to managing financial wellbeing, and parenting school-age children. We help your parents boost career confidence and momentum, manage time, energy and boundaries and build resilience and essential grit.

Family-focused employers receive higher engagement, improved diversity and greater return on investment – fact.

Unlock the potential within your parents.

Coaching for Carers

An inclusive approach: Caring about coaching for everyone.

We offer coaching support for the working carer, understanding the emotional and practical challenges of working and caring. We enable your people with strategies to plan for the future, adapt and grow, becoming the person they were made to be, navigating the situation and ensuring success. Our programmes are tailored to the specific circumstances of your people, creating a safe space for those important conversations.

Being a family-friendly workplace goes beyond supporting parents.


Manager Programme

We are family: Supporting you to support them.

From what to expect during the parental transition, managing a smooth return to maximising efficiency and ongoing support for working parents, our coaching programmes cover each and every challenge your managers might face. Encompassing the current legislation and ensuring your parental talent prospers, our systemic approach incorporates line managers and leaders, supporting your parents and strengthening your organisation.

We know what to expect when they’re expecting. Prepare your managers to support your parents.

Talking Talent Online

A supported team, a supercharged business.

Our award-winning, one-of-a-kind digital coaching solution for working parents, carers and managers offers dedicated support on demand. Talking Talent Online supports working parents and carers and helps them to succeed with live access to leading commercial coaches, around the clock.  A portable, inclusive coaching solution that helps them manage balance, set boundaries and achieve brilliance through life’s big transitions.

It’s truly personalised for each and every employee. Its ethically-designed AI-powered logic predicts what people need next. Clicks and micro-assessments shape the journey, delivering the right bite-size resource at the right time.

Support your people and strengthen your business.

30% of people using Talking Talent Online instantly felt better equipped to manage career and family. 

The ROI on your family investment 

Create an inclusive, responsible, compassionate culture that people want to be a part of. Making sure your organisation is showing up for people when they need you most = value gained: 

  • Attract and retain key talent, and increase progression 
  • Build a diverse leadership pipeline with working parents who are allies for one another 
  • Drive sustained performance and reduce business disruptions  
  • Improve performance, productivity, and engagement  
  • Strengthen employee wellbeing and mental health 
  • Transform line manager skills and support 

Putting Family First 

67% of working parents say they feel their work pressures affect them being the parent they want to be. At a time when working parents and carers are struggling with increased pressure and competing priorities, how can you support your people and simultaneously supercharge your organisation?  

Read  the research to discover our unique insights. 

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