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Leaders for the Future

The future of work is evolving. And with that behaviours are changing, increasing the need for innovation, inclusivity and agility.

Talking Talent works globally with executives and senior leaders to support inclusive growth and competitiveness, building skills and capabilities. We help shape executives and leaders who remove roadblocks, claim their voice, and build people up. Executives who know when to step out ahead and when to walk behind their team. A culture where everyone belongs.

Whether you’re looking for targeted executive development, to build a more inclusive culture, manage change effectively or deal with work-life complexities, our coaching will challenge your leaders, acting as a catalyst to drive business performance.

Breaking Down the Benefits

The benefits of Executive Coaching include increased productivity, improved employee performance, reduced costs, growth in revenue and higher retention. Intangible factors include increased confidence, improved communication and stronger relationships (ICF) alongside an ROI of 689 per cent associated with Executive Coaching** In today’s crowded market, where anyone can call themselves a coach, we stand out. Our team of proven professionals all have commercial backgrounds and first-rate certifications in behavioural sciences. 

We’re leading from the front.

**MetrixGlobal LLC reported an ROI of 689 per cent associated with executive coaching

Executive 1:1 Coaching

Leading with Impact

Our executive coaching supports senior leaders as they pursue targeted goals and personal growth with the ROI of Executive Coaching being almost six times the cost of investment.

Coaching provides guided reflection, giving leaders a safe place to gain perspective. Areas of impact include executive leadership, transition coaching, emotional intelligence, and becoming an inclusive and agile leader. We build high-performing executive teams and increase leaders’ abilities to foster an inclusive culture, deepen social connection and drive feelings of belonging and authenticity.

Setting the standard for executive coaching.

Executive leadership
Executive leadership

High Potential Employees

Helping Talent to Become Extraordinary

Our programmes for the Talented 100, 50 or 10 are a great way to discover the leadership opportunities already within your organisation. Through building their leadership toolbox, individuals develop a company fit for the future with 86% of organisations seeing an ROI on their Coaching engagements (ICF).

We are experts in talent development, improving your pipeline and increasing progression from within your workforce.

With a combination of 1:1 and group coaching, we create targeted development sessions enabling your talent to develop their leadership skills and address real-world challenges.

Empowering individuals, benefiting everyone.

Team Development and Performance Coaching

 Building Transformational Skills, Maximising Talent

 Our coaches bring together an organisation’s influential people, challenging leaders to fine-tune group dynamics, shift their vision or increase performance. Executive team coaching is appropriate for teams in merging organisations, building connection and cohesive groups launching a new strategic vision.

Delivered by our world-class team of experienced commercial coaches, our programmes deliver results that give you a competitive edge.

We have the experience, technology and bench strength to make a difference in complex multi-national organisations. 

Coming together as one.

Executive Leadership

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