Women at Work

Women at work

Women at Work

Advance female talent. Talking Talent provides inclusive career coaching and development for women in professional services, big law, and Fortune 1000 firms.  

Advancing women in corporate America 

Gender inequality starts early when women are disproportionately passed up for first-level promotions to manager. That disparity snowballs, as fewer women reach management positions. Male to female representation hits 80/20 or even 90/10 by board level. And ratios are even wider for women of color. 


Talking Talent’s mission is to create more inclusive work cultures where all talent can prosper and progress to the top. We coach women to leadership roles and equip their organizations to close equity gaps. 

We are committed to intersectional programming, designed to advance ALL women. Coaches and facilitators represent a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

"Leaders must act fast or risk losing millions of women from the workforce and setting gender diversity back years."

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and co-founder of LeanIn.Org

Executive coaching for women

Executive coaches work with ambitious female leaders and your high potential talent waiting to step up. 

Talking Talent coaches help your professionals get what they want out of their careers. Coaches help your talent show up as the leaders they want to be – while maintaining sustainable work habits that honor both professional and personal goals.  


Women’s leadership development 

Support and retain female talent.  

Fix a leaky pipeline with women’s leadership development programs. High potential talent programs offer a deep, coaching-led journey experienced through traditional workshops and career coaching. Create a transformative experience that builds new pipelines of potential.  

Using our Authentic Female Leadership Model™, we inspire female leaders brimming with: 

  • Clarity to understand what makes her tick, build a personal brand, and overcome barriers to progression. 
  • Agility to learn new skills and adapt to different political landscapes and types of people. 
  • Sustainability with a work-life approach that supports lasting success and wellbeing. 

Why our approach works: 

  • One-to-one and group coaching: Each individual receives coaching support to achieve their goals. 
  • Sponsorship: Sponsors and executive champions create real career traction for women.  
  • Inclusion Dialogues: Often, sensitive or “taboo” topics go underground. We bring participants and senior stakeholders together for open conversations. 

Learning experiences 

All Talking Talent learning experiences are coaching-led. That means we lead by “talking together” not “talking to.” A brief snapshot of our catalogue is below.

Courageous Conversations 

Knowing the art of courageous conversation can increase confidence when dealing with conflict and sensitive situations. Participants learn how to navigate difficult conversations to transform relationships and more effectively reach goals. 

Increasing Presence and Impact 

Professional presence is an intangible quality that helps you connect with others. A way of presenting yourself that inspires trust. A mix of poise and confidence that says: “I can make things happen.”  

This group workshop helps participants refine their presence with skills to enhance credibility and make sure their voice is heard. 

Thriving in Work and Life 

Pulled in so many directions, many women put their own needs on the backburner. But leaders who fail to prioritize wellbeing will eventually find themselves exhausted and overwhelmed. 

In this session, participants evaluate core domains in their life. They’ll leave with mindful awareness of what’s going well and where they need to focus for sustainability, health, and long-term satisfaction. 

Leadership EQ 

Harness the #1 predictor of professional success. Emotional intelligence can have more to do with achievement than IQ or subject expertise. How leaders manage emotions, and their capacity to understand others, is a pivotal part of how they guide their teams.  

This session provides skills to enhance EQ, putting self-awareness, self-management, and empathy into practice.  

One-to-one and group coaching 

Coaching is often reserved for more senior talent. With Talking Talent’s one-to-one, group and digital coaching, coaching can be made available to the entire workforce in an inclusive, scalable, and cost-effective way. 

Blended learning   

Combine live coaching with digital microlearning to reinforce growth. Seamless integration means the impact of our program is enriched and sustained.  

Digital hub 

A secure microsite offers a single, easy point of access for program pre-work and extended resources 

Learning experiences 

Virtual workshops bring teams together to create newfound awareness and behavior change. Interactive tools maximize engagement.  

Digital nudges 

Automated emails (e-Nudges) keep participants on track and extend learning after program completion. 

Bring out the best in your people

  • Turnkey coaching 
  • Virtual or in-person learning 
  • Coach-led training 
  • Support female talent 
  • Close equity gaps 
  • Build your leadership pipeline 
  • Improve retention and inclusion measures 

The Power of Exclusion

Because our mission is to create more inclusive workplaces, where all under-represented talent has potential to progress, it makes good sense to start with a focus on women. Not only are they the largest minority, increasing female representation in leadership roles is proven to open the door to further diversity.

Read the paper   on the diversity paradox.