Men’s Health Week: Your daily tip for increased wellbeing – Meaning, Purpose and Direction

As a part of Men’s Health Week (June 12 – June 18) Talking Talent looks at how increased wellbeing can improve mental health.

Today we’re looking at Meaning, Purpose and Direction and sharing some tips that will help you re-connect with yourself and others.

Just as humans need to feel a part of something, that sense of belonging, we also crave a sense of purpose in our lives. Simply put, purpose is the reason that you get out of bed in the morning and the feeling that what you’re doing has importance and significance. The quest for meaningful work that has a sense of purpose has become a strong driver in recent years with many corporations creating purpose-driven strategies.   Having a strong sense of purpose can be very powerful. When you are engaged in, and working toward your purpose, life becomes clearer and easier to navigate. Our activities have focus, we operate at different more fulfilling level…we are ‘in the zone’.

On the other hand, without purpose, we become more susceptible to boredom, anxiety and depression. Making the time to momentarily step off the treadmill to ‘check in’ with yourself – the process of reflecting on your own values and how you are currently leading your life at work and at home is probably the #1 healthy habit shared by executives who have high levels of contentment and success over the course of their careers.

So, take the time to reflect. And change or refocus your energy toward the things that you truly value. Remind yourself who you are, and what you stand for. Create a personal vision for your own success. Define your own ideals. Through empowering yourself you will drive your own wellbeing and performance.


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