Talking Talent Launches Wellbeing Service Line to Fuel Sustainable Performance 

US wellbeing launch

Amplifies Commitment to Strengthen the Global Workforce 

Talking Talent, a global coaching consultancy committed to improving the world of work by inspiring inclusive cultures where people and businesses thrive announces the debut of its Wellbeing service line in the United States. The launch, which coincides with World Wellbeing Week, brings Talking Talent’s existing Wellbeing & Sustainable Performance Coaching program in EMEA and APAC to their North American clients.  

“Wellbeing has always been the foundation of our work at Talking Talent,” said Teresa Hopke, CEO The Americas, Talking Talent. “Right now, employees and employers alike face the stress of “going back to work” and navigating new hybrid workplaces. This critical juncture in society and in business is an imperative time to invest in the wellbeing of our workforce. Our experience and research tell us that wellbeing solutions drive sustainable performance by providing the consistent support employees need and deserve to stay inspired and motivated.” 

The chaos and churn of the pandemic have cast a spotlight on the urgency of ensuring that employees are supported holistically. Wellbeing coaching helps establish behaviors and practices that enable sustainable performance for individuals, teams, and organizations. Talking Talent believes it’s necessary now for organizations to invest in employee wellbeing for an edge in shaping workplace culture, recruitment, and retention post-pandemic. Companies that ignore holistic support for employees may be left behind.  
“Overall health and wellness impact an employee’s ability to engage with their work and their productivity level which both ultimately affect an organization's bottom line,” noted Hopke. “Wellbeing solutions provide proactive support to prevent stress-induced mental health challenges like anxiety, burnout, and panic attacks that often accompany periods of crisis and significant change. Employees who are fully supported in mental and physical wellness will have remarkably greater energy, engagement, and turn in better results. Dodging burnout ensures employees take fewer sick days and can be more resourceful when balancing work and personal commitments.” 
The company identifies three key reasons why organizations should prioritize wellbeing. First, wellbeing is foundational for inclusion and belonging because it supports workplace culture engagement and supports employees’ emotional resilience. Second, wellbeing promotes authenticity by encouraging employees to bring their full selves to work, allowing organizations to benefit from the creativity and contributions that come from celebrating and recognizing unique perspectives, ideas, and approaches. Finally, wellbeing leads to exceptional and sustainable performance for individual employees and an entire organization. 

Recent data from the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey supports the importance of companies focusing on wellbeing as it relates to the bottom line and overall company performance, including:  

  • Up to 56% reduction in employee stress and health risk factors  

  • Over 40% increase in employee engagement  

  • Over 50% boost in creativity and innovation   

  • 4x less likely to lose talent for organizations that implement wellbeing strategies 

Talking Talent offers a wide range of approaches to enable employees to feel a greater sense of connection at work while tackling these larger issues, including group coaching, Global Leadership Wellbeing Surveys®, multi-day interactive workshops, resilience and wellbeing coaching, and learning experiences.  

The experts at Talking Talent share a variety of ways to proactively support employees’ wellbeing such as: allowing for flexible work styles or schedules to accommodate the diverse needs of employees, consideration of unique family demands and workplace deliverables, and meaningful accommodations for cultural backgrounds or physical abilities when planning team meetings and events. A careful examination of the work environment helps to manage expectations and mitigate potential risks to psychological or physical safety by providing easy access to team meetings and to mental health resources when necessary. 
“While most managers understand that wellbeing matters, organizations should avoid a temporary or “one size fits all” approach,” stated Hopke.  “Our employees are our greatest assets, and they are also human beings. Individuals are dynamic and distinctly different. Customized coaching solutions ensure more impactful wellbeing programming.” 

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