Esther Cavett

Esther Cavett

Associate Director

Areas of Expertise

  • Preparation and return from parental leave
  • Preparing for partnership and other promotions
  • Creating a portfolio career post full-time career
  • Managing difficult interpersonal relationships, stress and performance anxiety
  • Developing impact and effective networking


  • B.Mus., Ph.D.  LRAM
  • Diploma in Psychological Coaching
  • Qualified Solicitor

Esther’s professional experience is in leadership, staff management, development and mentoring, organisational skills development, impact, facilitation, governance, oversight and policy, thought leadership and public engagement in the arts and CSR. 

Esther was a senior equity partner in a world-class City law firm, and worked in the law profession for over 22 years. She now combines coaching with various board positions as well as returning to her origins as pianist and academic musician.

In coaching, Esther attends to the uniqueness of individual need, assisting clients to find their own authentic solutions to career and personal issues.   

Esther is respectful yet challenging and enjoys supporting clients to achieve positive, lasting change in their work and lives.