Louise Sheppard

Louise Edberg

Associate Director

Areas of Expertise

  • Organisational consultancy in small or big corporations, private or public
  • Leadership training and consultancy
  • International work; works in Swedish, English, French, Polish and Spanish


  • Certified Psychologist, Sweden
  • Consultancy training, France
  • Long managerial career

An Executive Coach and business owner with over 15 years’ experience working across a broad range of business sectors and roles.  Passionate about working with individuals to increase self-awareness, focus on goals and motivate individuals to achieve behavioral change.  Lived and worked in US, Asia and across Europe.  

Louise has a Master degree in Psychology from the University of Stockholm, and is a Swedish Certified Psychologist. She has an organizational consultancy training from France, International Forum for Social Innovation.
Louise has a long career as a manager and leader. She has worked as a CEO and Board Director and also has a position as the President of International Forum for Social Innovation in France.
Louise has many assignments abroad, and works about half of her time internationally.

Louise has three grown children and a grand-child and is married. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.