Inclusion with Purpose

Strategies that focus on outcomes

Inclusion with Purpose supports organisations in building approaches to inclusion and diversity that are more strategic, linked to their business purposes and capable of delivering an irreversible change.

Regardless of the business focus - whether it’s retaining top talent, addressing gender balance, increasing share of wallet from wider customer segments, improved customer satisfaction scores, maximising the talents of a diverse workforce or implementing an organisational development strategy - Inclusion with Purpose focuses on optimising the desired outcomes of each client business. Talking Talent can guide an assessment of how exactly inclusion and diversity impact an organisation’s people, customers, operations and processes – the plumbing and wiring - applying an inclusion and diversity lens to everything they need to do.

No ‘one size’ fits all

Every organisation has different inclusion and diversity needs or challenges. Inclusion with Purpose helps businesses hone in on what is important to them and offers a pragmatic partnership. Talking Talent applies the Inclusion with Purpose lens and together the right approach for the business is developed. It’s a practical, bespoke solution which sets the organisation up for the future and enables sustainability once Talking Talent’s time has come to a close.

Delivering practicality and structure

The Inclusion with a Purpose approach is a structured methodology, using some of the business improvement principles derived from Lean and Six Sigma, to help organisations build more inclusive approaches to leadership, talent development and customer service, starting with gaining clarity on the business outcomes, defining their own strategy, and developing metrics most likely to drive change.

Talking Talent works with organisations to consider the ways inclusion or diversity might affect delivery of those outcomes and subsequent business performance. Inclusion with Purpose assesses the current state of the organisation through performing rigorous diagnostics on core business practices and processes – both internal and external – to see what’s really happening.

From that, actionable insights are developed using the organisation’s own data to put leaders in a position to prioritise actions and improve performance by optimising the way diversity plays out in their highest priority processes. Talking Talent can support organisations in delivering the interventions called for by their strategy - through education, coaching and collaborative sessions – and integrate inclusion and diversity thinking into core business practices.

Transforming business for the 21st century

The practicality of the Inclusion with Purpose approach leaves organisations equipped to stay on top of the work in the future, so that the changes made are irreversible and sustainable - locking in the gains.

Inclusion with Purpose ensures organisations have the infrastructure in place to drive lasting change from a clear, concrete business rationale for inclusion and diversity to a robust strategy endorsed and led by senior leaders, as well as effective metrics which have real links to material outcomes.

Outcomes of ‘Inclusion with Purpose’

  • Increase market share
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Maximise competitive advantage
  • Innovate for growth
  • Acquire and serve new customers
  • Optimise financial performance
  • Retain and maximise diverse talent
  • Address gender balance
  • Strengthen company and employer brand

Those are just some of the results customers see when ‘Inclusion with Purpose’ is applied. We won’t just give you a report, we’ll work with you to make things happen and implement practical solutions. You’ll find it’s a refreshing change from alternative solutions.

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