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Market Leaders in Maternity Coaching

In 2005 Talking Talent launched a highly innovative coaching programme for the maternity transition. Since then we have established ourselves as the market leaders in maternity coaching and support for working parents. We have now coached over 10,000 women and their managers.

Our work has allowed them to fully explore the transition, be effective in meeting the challenges it can create and critically maintain performance levels throughout the transition. For many of our coachees  ‘maternity coaching’ extends well beyond the transition and into advanced career planning and subsequent progression.

 Maternity - A Key Barrier to Success

Talking Talent’s 2012 research into women in UK business highlighted how critical the successful management of this transition is, with 45% of women citing it as a key pinch point to their career. Further market data, and indeed our own experience, has confirmed just how many high talent individuals are being lost by organisations during this transition, contributing heavily to the narrowing of the female talent pipeline. Women are actively looking at which organisations can best support them during this critical time in their career and often making informed career choices in advance of the maternity transition.

Commercial Impact

The commercial impact of this loss of talent is felt on the bottom line and the programmes we have run for clients have saved them tens of millions of pounds. Just some of the examples of the work we have done can be found here where we highlight the success of our programmes in driving up retention rates to best in class levels of between 92-95%.

Maternity Coaching Models

The Maternity Programme is underpinned by Talking Talent’s bespoke coaching models and is run by our team of highly experienced coaches and associates. We offer a range of flexible coaching packages for talented women and their managers in the form of 121 or group coaching, via face to face or webinar sessions. The coaching is split across 3 phases to cover pre, during and post maternity.

Key benefits to adopting our coaching methodology and programme:

  • Proven results in increasing retention rates of high calibre women
  • Proven increase in performance of employees pre and post maternity
  • Demonstrable career progression in years 1-5 after returning to work
  • Support to employees, managers and the organisation during the maternity process
  • Proven return on investment and commercial benefit 


Case Studies

Globally, we work with a variety of companies from a range of sectors, but they all have one thing in common: they are keen to attract and retain their talented people.

Case Studies

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