Paternity Coaching

With the changing priorities of so many fathers leading to a desire to spend more time with the family, increasingly Talking Talent's clients are looking to coach Dads through the birth of their children and beyond as they deal with each parenting milestone. Working parents will often encounter fundamental challenges including a lack of flexibility in the working week and unconscious biases around their office contribution vs. before they had children. The challenge around work-life balance in particular can lead to low employee engagement levels and issues around career momentum

What do we do?

Talking Talent have been supporting hundreds of new and working fathers for over five years, working with organisations such as PWC and Citigroup .

Our coaching has a significant impact on the retention of key talent, especially at critical transition points, and helps them realise their true and full potential. We operate group or individual coaching via both telephone and face-to-face, and have recently developed interactive webinars in order to support employees who work across different geographies.

What do we cover?

•Dealing with gender stereotyping, social expectations and unconscious biases
•Exploring the impact of changing roles and identities as both a  father and professional
•Stakeholder management
•Dealing with the impact on energy levels
•Managing ‘spillover’ and guilt
•Managing own and others’ expectations
•How to make alternative working patterns work
•Returning to work with confidence, ease and productivity
•Managing visibility and career momentum

The coaching gives participants the opportunity to generate clear action plans to handle the transition effectively and as always we recommend that the manager is part of the solution


  • Retention of Key Talent
  • Effective Management of whole transition and beyond
  • Enhanced working relationships and understanding
  • Greater Employee Engagement
  • Greater Loyalty
  • Enhanced Performance


Case Studies

Globally, we work with a variety of companies from a range of sectors, but they all have one thing in common: they are keen to attract and retain their talented people.

Case Studies

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