Unlocking the full business potential of an inclusive and diverse mindset.

Every organisation has different inclusion and diversity needs. We help businesses hone in on what is important to them and develop a practical, tailored solution that will ensure sustainability once Talking Talent’s time has come to a close.

There is no one size fits all.

Inclusion with Purpose

Leveraging inclusion and diversity – among individuals, cultures and systems – helps create competitive advantages and sustains growth. The organisations that have a deeply embedded culture of inclusion and diversity create benefits not just for themselves but the economies in which they operate.

Having an inclusive, diverse culture is essential. Not just from a moral standpoint, but because we all work in a competitive global environment. No company is immune to the impact of diversity. Businesses are built on connections and interactions between people, groups and organisations – all affected by differences.

Many organisations see the benefits in principle, but they often struggle to achieve them. Programmes can start to feel transactional and driven by compliance concerns rather than being truly integrated. Talking Talent supports inspiring organisations to achieve their sustainable inclusion and diversity goals through strategic advice, practical solutions and capability building.

Finding the right business strategy

You may already have a clear vision of what your organisation needs to achieve when it comes to improving inclusion and diversity. Or you may need guidance. Whether it’s retaining top talent, addressing gender balance, increasing share of wallet from wider customer segments, improved customer satisfaction scores, maximising the talents of a diverse workforce, or implementing an organisational development strategy – we can offer insight. We can guide you through an assessment of how inclusion and diversity impacts your organisation’s people, customers, operations and processes, applying an inclusion and diversity lens to everything we need to achieve.

Our approach

The Inclusion with Purpose approach is a structured methodology, often drawing on business improvement principles derived from Lean and Six Sigma. It focuses on building more inclusive approaches to leadership, talent development and customer service, starting with gaining clarity of desired business outcomes, while defining strategy, and developing the metrics most likely to drive change.

Talking Talent collaborates with organisations to consider the ways inclusion and diversity might affect delivery of those outcomes and subsequent business performance. We perform rigorous diagnostics on core business practices and processes – both internal and external – to see what’s really happening.

Actionable insights are then developed using the organisation’s own data to put leaders in a position to prioritise actions and improve performance by optimising the way diversity plays out in their highest priority processes. Talking Talent can support organisations in delivering the interventions called for – through education, coaching and collaborative sessions, integrating inclusion and diversity of thinking into core business practices from the top leaders and across the organisation.

Embedding inclusion and diversity in your DNA

Many companies fall short of operating fully inclusively, This is because inclusion and diversity initiatives are usually treated as a matter of compliance, rather than inherent in an organisation’s DNA and an integral part of being successful.

By really analysing and understanding how inclusion and diversity impacts performance, Talking Talent helps create cultures where everyone’s perspective can be heard and inclusion is evident in all its forms. Inclusion with Purpose supports organisations with their ability to connect with diverse customer bases and colleagues and form durable, valuable relationships. It moves inclusion and diversity on from being an organisational initiative to being business as usual.

Transforming business for the 21st century

The practicality and collaborative nature of our approach leaves organisations equipped to stay on top of the changes into the future, locking into the sustainable gains.

Inclusion with Purpose ensures organisations have the infrastructure in place to drive this lasting change, from a concrete business rationale to a robust strategy, endorsed and led by senior leaders, as well as effective metrics which link to real material outcomes.

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