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Inspiring individuals to learn more, do more and become more.

Talking Talent Online helps individuals thrive at work. It is the portable coaching solution for busy professionals wanting support for their careers, and line managers who want to support them.

Talking Talent Online

Every individual and organisation has a different set of needs. That’s what comes from an increasingly diverse working population. There are ever competing demands for professionals’ time, together with strong desires to succeed at both work and home.

Getting the balance right not only helps your talented individuals thrive, but makes good business sense.

Talking Talent Online provides a welcoming, reflective, virtual space, with fresh, bite-sized and easy to access ideas. The content is provided in an ever-current and relevant high-touch way that’s accessible on the go and on demand – on any internet-enabled device across the globe.


Talking Talent Online offers individuals access to instant virtual coaching; delivering more than a decade’s worth of world-class expertise in one portable place.

No online coaching programme like this exists. It’s an innovative and unique solution, offering all the coaching support an individual needs, in one place.


Talking Talent Online provides a wide range of coaching services that give people choice and inspiration, changing their perceptions and sparking change. There are high-quality video master classes, interactive tools, inspirational stories, areas to ask questions and share tips with the community, all of which can be combined with live coaching programmes for those who may want a little extra support.

Content is relevant to broad and global populations and gender neutral (where appropriate), making it easier for a diverse population to engage. We also provide country-specific pages, allowing organisations to offer tailored content for different locations.

Thought-provoking Videos


Talking Talent Online has been integrated into the majority of our live coaching programmes. This not only gives individuals access to broader content and support, but it offers an easily scalable way to bring live coaching programmes to a wider group than would normally be affordable or practical for large companies.


It can be difficult for organisations to understand and interpret the unique challenges their people face. Talking Talent Online business reporting helps measure success and progress along with an understanding of the issues and trends in the organisation by providing insight into usage, most visited content and user feedback.

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Sign in to Talking Talent online

Whether you're:

  • A new or expectant parent wanting a stress-free transition
  • A woman wanting career and leadership progression strategies
  • A line manager wanting to provide the best possible support

Our programmes will guide and inspire you to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.

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“We chose to use Talking Talent Online as part of the blend of support that we offer working parents at PwC – it complements the coaching programme and other initiatives, by offering 24/7 support and a place that people can go to for expert guidance even when they’re on leave. As a business, it also means we can extend this kind of expert support to people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it. We want to support our people who have busy lives, helping them create sustainable careers here at PwC, and making the transition smoother for the business and the wider team. The key benefits for us are the increased engagement of new and expectant parents at the firm, the improved communication between line managers and their team members, and maintaining business & team performance during periods that could be much more challenging without this kind of support.”

Sarah Churchman, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at PwC

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