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Brilliance in diversity.

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Having an inclusive culture with diversity of thinking is essential to business performance. The only way to ‘shift the dial’ on tough gender and commercial targets is to build more inclusive cultures where everyone is engaged and can reach their potential. That’s why Talking Talent exists: enabling leaders, individuals and organizations to succeed by unlocking the full power and potential from within - delivering coaching programs and consultancy that ignite companywide behavioral shifts.

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Our Story

Talking Talent is a niche, award winning global coaching consultancy leading the gender diversity agenda. We work with clients to unlock the potential within their business and make company-wide behavior shifts that accelerate business performance.

For more than a decade, we’ve been working with organizations on tailored coaching programs that help them to retain talented individuals, increase their effectiveness and ensure that the benefit ripples throughout its business. We have coached in the region of 19,000 women, working parents and line managers, and on average save over $130m a year across our clients in retention alone.

Talking Talent was founded by Chris Parke and Jo Lyon in 2005. They shared a vision – to make a difference to how women experience corporate life, by inspiring life and culture change to drive personal and business performance.

Talking Talent has the best and brightest coaches in the world, talented occupational psychologists, NLP coaches all with commercial backgrounds who are passionate, personable and down to earth. We work in partnership with our clients. It is incredibly rewarding and Talking Talent’s effectiveness is proven and documented – delivering tangible benefits.

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Living by our values

Talking Talent’s values of inquisitive, inclusive and intrepid define who we are. They are the fundamental beliefs of our business. They are a code we live by, guiding our actions and behaviors. They influence the way we interact with each other, and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.

Every day we are engaging with individuals, it’s the nature of our business. Our values give us the confidence that we are interacting in a way that reflects Talking Talent.

Everybody at Talking Talent shares the common goal of helping leaders, individuals and organizations succeed by unlocking the full power and potential from within – offering the best coaching support at all times with the utmost integrity.


Our Success / Impact

Our job is to help organizations gain competitive advantage and improve business performance. We do this by unlocking potential within diverse talent pools and ultimately transforming the culture of a business. We achieve this by coaching women, working parents and their managers, enabling them to advance their careers and lead sustainable and balanced lives. There’s no better feeling than seeing the changes as a result of our partnership.

We work across a variety of industries and have a truly global footprint. Our work is incredibly rewarding as it is fundamentally changing the way we do business today. From reducing attrition costs, to helping organizations achieve more gender-balanced organizations, we're very proud of the work we do. We enable far-reaching positive impact, such as:

  • EY: 17.5% increase in retention following parental leave saving $21m in attrition costs in 1 year
  • Lloyds Banking Group: 80% of coaching cohorts took on new roles, increased responsibility or gained promotions in one year
  • Unilever: Online and mobile support for working parents and their managers in 90 countries
  • M&S: 40% of senior positions now filled by high performing women
  • Fortune 500 Bank: $31.3m savings in attrition costs


Measuring the success of our programs is hugely important to Talking Talent. We agree upfront what success looks like to our clients, and follow an innovative model that enables our clients to see the return on investment and expectation of our coaching and consultancy. It's a unique approach in the coaching world, but one we are pioneering.


At Talking Talent we have one strong global leadership team that sets one single global strategy and agenda.

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We work with individuals at every level of their organization, in whatever capacity we can be most useful, whether it’s consulting on their strategies for diversity and inclusion, or hands-on coaching support. For every engagement, we provide the right expert with the most appropriate experience and expertise to unlock the potential within and accelerate advantage.

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Our people are our business. The quality of their work and their coaching interventions are what makes Talking Talent exceptional. Our culture and passion is unique, and we truly practice what we preach. This is clear through the high demand for our services and being recognized as the ‘Consultancy of the Year’ at the Personnel Today Awards.  

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