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‘The Modern Leader’

Managing shutdown to turnaround

Download the overview of our bespoke coaching programs to navigate this new, vital phase of our COVID-19 journey, the transition phase. These programs will support and coach your leaders and organization to identify and successfully work through the challenges they face.

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Covid-19 Live Webinar Series

FREE. Live. Coaching-led.

Run by our expert career coaches, in this series we'll support you in balancing home-schooling and work, managing your mindset, resilience strategies, being the best version of you right now, how to coexist and manage stress and anxiety, tips for taking control of an uncontrollable situation, or work-related issues such as tips on agile working without burning out and creating a sense of belonging in teams that are virtual.

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Power of Exclusion

The Power of Exclusion.

What it takes to get her ahead.

Women’s career progression continues to be headline news. From the gender pay gap to #MeToo, Time’s Up and the ongoing underrepresentation of women in executive roles, it’s clear that women need a larger role at the top.

The time for raising awareness is gone. Awareness hasn’t moved the needle. It’s time to take meaningful action.

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Diverse Group

Brilliance in Diversity

It’s what we all want

Our coaching and consultancy enables organizations to create the kind of high-performing working environment where everyone is engaged and encouraged to thrive. By unlocking the full power and potential from within we ignite companywide behavioral shifts that build inclusive cultures and accelerate performance.

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Beware The Millennial March: Meet Working Parents Demands or Face Demise

We need to support all our employees the best we can, right? With this digitally native generation now making up the largest percentage population of the workforce, it’s clear that businesses need them to succeed, they need to move with the millennial current. But will they stay, and stay engaged?

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Our success in numbers

We helped EY increase the number of women returning to work after parental leave to 94% saving $21m in attrition costs in year 1.
Lloyds Banking Group launched our Women in Leadership coaching program which saw over 50% of the cohort get promoted within the year.
Retention has increased from 84% to 97% at Citi as a result of a blended coaching program for women, managers and new fathers.
Unilever has over 2,700 active users in 90 countries of our online solution, addressing their global need.

Work with us. Many companies do.

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