Wellbeing at work

Wellbeing is more than personal responsibility. 

(Drink water. Move around. Sleep.)

That doesn’t cut it when people are on the edge of burnout.

It’s not enough to tell employees to make good choices. Your work culture has to meet them halfway… at least.

Talking Talent helps shift mindsets around wellbeing, creating workplaces where employees really are free to choose healthy and happy.

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Wellbeing coaching

It takes courage to ask for what you need at work. But when you’re not sure what that even is, the situation can feel hopeless. Coaches help employees find that perspective, uncover what they need, and take the right next step.

We offer:

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey (GLWS) assessments
  • Digital, virtual, and in-person delivery

Coaching for leaders

Be well to lead well.

Leadership affects culture, to the core. Coaching helps leaders make purposeful and well-informed choices to optimize wellbeing and resilience for self and others. Leaders learn to role model wellbeing as a priority and influence positive change for others.

Resilience circles

Resilience circles

There’s power in conversation. We facilitate safe spaces for courageous conversations where people can talk openly about their wellbeing and consider what really matters to them.

Circles have the potential not only to deliver better policy but to reconnect people to your business in a meaningful way.

Real voices create real change.

The link between wellbeing and inclusion

Wellbeing fuels belonging.

Belonging fuels wellbeing.

When employees feel like their needs matter, they feel a greater sense of connection at work. And employees who feel like they belong – who have a sense of safety – are better able to advocate for their own needs.

And that’s what we call a virtuous circle.


Let’s get well on its way

Learn how we can help you beat burnout and build belonging:

  • Turnkey coaching programs
  • Coach-led wellbeing training
  • Digital toolkits and e-nudges