‘The Modern Leader’

The Modern Leader

‘The Modern Leader’

Equipping leaders to manage from lockdown to turnaround

Adversity calls for an evolution of leadership. It has a way of revealing, course-correcting and recalibrating what leadership really means. The organisations that will be best equipped to adapt to business, beyond lockdown, are those with the best traits at the helm. But what does the modern leader look like and how will they navigate the return of ‘normal’? Talking Talent are here to help.

The next phase of the “transition” will be vital to ensuring the successful navigation at organisation, team and individual levels. Leaders will need the right tools and insights to help them be effective. A crisis alters the way people process information, so leaders will need to balance being inspirational and comforting while continuing to push on performance. Being mindful of peoples hopes and fears at a time of dynamic and rapid change is key.

Talking Talent have been bringing innovation to the transition coaching space for over 15 years. We create programmes for leaders, teams and individuals to support them through complex work/life transitions. This deep coaching expertise and our psychodynamic approach to organisational change means we are well placed to support the re-entry phase for organisations.

Download the overview of our bespoke coaching programmes to navigate this new, vital phase of our COVID-19 journey, the transition phase. These programmes will support and coach your leaders and organisation to identify and successfully work through the challenges they face.


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