Balance and boundaries.

Today many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed and over-extended, and we feel that every day is a ‘race against the clock’. We are constantly playing ‘catch-up’ with the whirlwind of commitments. Read our tips on maintaining balance and boundaries.

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Why is taking parental leave good for your career?

19th July 2016

Too often, women view maternity leave as the beginning of their lives as mothers and the beginning of the end of their careers. Research tends to focus on the negative impact taking leave can have, and it’s true: If you approach maternity leave as ‘time out,’ then it’s unlikely to...

In the eyes of the manager

14th July 2016

A manager within a Financial Services firm said to me at a recent focus group: “I don’t really care if the person reporting to me is here from 9 to 6 or not. She gets the job done.” This attitude was not shared by everyone in the room. For some,...

40% of senior positions now filled by high performing women, accelerated by Female Leadership Development Programme

1st July 2016

The challenge of female representation at Board level and the progression of women is a well-documented topic. Many businesses are recognising that encouraging and enabling women to thrive is not just good for individuals themselves, but makes sound business sense. M&S is one of those pioneering organisations. As a company,...

The Million Dollar Question: Why do talented women leave their jobs?

25th May 2016

If you heard someone say, ‘Women value having children over their careers,’ you would probably be shocked. Yet, if a man and a woman, both aged thirty, quit their jobs, the stock assumption remains: The man leaves for a greater challenge or a higher salary. The woman leaves because she...

What kind of role model do you want to be?

30th March 2016

A few of my executive coachees talked to me recently about the personal pressure they feel from being seen as a role model. One felt like an imposter, unworthy of the way people saw her and felt exposed. Another felt that she could not live up to perceived high expectations,...

Coaching Consultancy Appoints ex-FTSE 100 Executive Freddie Alves to Head up Inclusion Practice

22nd March 2016

Talking Talent, an innovative coaching consultancy, already at the forefront of developing the female talent pipeline, today announced that Freddie Alves has joined the organisation as Managing Director. He will support their global client base by helping them benefit from developing more inclusive approaches to leadership, talent development, and customer...

International Womens’ Day – Why Progress Still Matters

8th March 2016

Like many women, I’m reflecting today on the great progress that has been made towards creating a better working world for women. Just half a century ago, most women in the developed economies were primarily homemakers or juggling home responsibilities and lower paid roles to help support their families. That...

Maternity Coaching ABC's

1st March 2016

You shouldn’t have to choose between having a baby and maintaining a successful career. Yet up to 30% of women leave the workplace after becoming mothers. An increasing number of companies, alarmed by their loss of talented employees, are offering maternity coaching to stem the tide. “Coaching will help you...

Why having a Female CEO doesn't Guarantee Work-Life Balance

23rd February 2016

Putting policies in place does little good if the company culture doesn’t encourage employees to use them. Talking Talent's Karen Rubin talks to FastCompany on why support for women has to be part of the solution all through the ranks, not just at the top. Click here to read more.

Family Leave Gaining Momentum in the Workplace

7th January 2016

Big changes at blue-chip companies last year changed life for a lot of new parents. Talking Talent's Karen Rubin highlights to The Wall Street Journal how "it’s one thing to offer a benefit, but if employees feel like they can’t take advantage of it, it’s not doing them any good”....