Balance and boundaries.

Today many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed and over-extended, and we feel that every day is a ‘race against the clock’. We are constantly playing ‘catch-up’ with the whirlwind of commitments. Read our tips on maintaining balance and boundaries.

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Opinion: Diversity of thinking is key to successful decision-making

27th February 2017

Individuals should share all their insights – even dissenting views – so teams can make well-informed decisions, and it’s up to leaders to make that happen, so says Freddie Alves in this piece where his talks about diversity of thinking and successful decision-making. Click here to read the full article.

Talking Talent hires Human Resources expert Madeleine Price for Asia expansion

17th February 2017

Talking Talent has hired Madeleine Price as Managing Director to lead Talking Talent’s operations across Asia. Based in Hong Kong, she will focus on accelerating growth, bringing innovation to clients, building strong relationships, as well as strengthening the business’s brand and impact in the region. Click here to read the...

Online coaching programme launches for working parents

17th February 2017

Talking Talent launches Talking Talent Online ᵀᴹ . Click here to read the full article.

HeForShe: Chris Parke, Co-founder & CEO, Talking Talent

9th February 2017

WeAreTheCity talks to Chris Parke, Co-founder and CEO of Talking Talent. About his passion for the commercial benefits of gender diversity and how coaching and development led him to found Talking Talent, building unique approaches to helping women realise their full potential. TT supports some of the world’s leading organisations...

Coaching Consultancy Pioneers Programmes Online

8th February 2017

Talking Talent pioneered working parents’ coaching and today announces the global launch of Talking Talent Onlineᵀᴹ, the next generation of coaching which takes aspects of its physical coaching programme and makes it truly virtual. Click here to read the full article.

Successful working parenthood in 4 weeks

8th February 2017

20 things we wish we’d known when becoming parents at work… The stress of juggling parenting responsibilities with the demands of work takes a toll on many parents’ personal and professional lives. Frequently it feels that there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done and...

Coaching Consultancy Pioneers Programmes Online

7th February 2017

Over 10 years ago, global coaching consultancy Talking Talent pioneered working parents’ coaching, a service that has been widely viewed as a significant step forward in the corporate world. Today, Talking Talent builds on that legacy by announcing the global launch of Talking Talent Online ᵀᴹ, the next generation of...

How to ask for a promotion or pay rise – live chat

1st February 2017

Talking Talent's Rebecca Hourston joins The Guardian's latest Q&A session. Click here to read the full Q&A.

Self-Care Saturday: How To Feel More Confident

23rd January 2017

New year, new you? Well, that's all good in theory, but what if the the old you was ok (highly likely), and if you hadn't finished working on the plans you made last year (also likely)? Sometimes, the chore of changing everything can be too much to bear. Read more...

Five ways men feel alienated by gender diversity debate

20th January 2017

As the requirement for gender pay gap reporting approaches, more men are engaging in gender issues – some better than others. Chris Parke looks at why many men feel excluded from the diversity debate, and how to tackle the problem. Click here to read more.