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We Love Digital

In the modern world, digital access is essential for employees. With technology adoption rapidly accelerating and the desirability of flexible working increasing, easy access and wraparound support is more important than ever.         

At Talking Talent, digital is in our DNA, as every programme has a digital element. This is complemented by Talking Talent Online, our interactive one-of-a-kind coaching platform designed specifically for parents, carers and their managers. Each of our digital coaching modules makes coaching accessible to everyone in an affordable, scalable way.

Our digital coaching is adaptable and inclusive, meaning diverse content created for different experiences proving that digital can still be personal. We deliver coaching how your people want it, where they want it and when they want it. We work to address intersectionality and identity, with a digital offering that is truly inclusive and individual, creating cultures that people are proud to share.

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Talking Talent Online for Working Parents and Carers

Inclusion at the heart

We understand that your people have different priorities. Talking Talent Online is personal and impactful, addressing individual needs with inclusivity as a core focus. Our all-parent approach means that we understand every family is different with distinctive needs. It is designed to get you results while working to their rhythms.

Digital Coaching for Modern Families

Talking Talent Online is the award-winning digital coaching platform for all working parents, carers and their managers. It’s a portable, inclusive coaching solution that helps them manage balance, set boundaries and achieve brilliance through life’s big transitions.

It’s designed to overcome the challenges of scalability and accessibility and is affordable for all your employees. And it gets real results, delivering for your talent and driving the success of your business.

People, not pixels

It is truly personalised for each and every employee. Our ethically designed AI-powered logic predicts what people need next. Clicks and micro-assessments shape the journey, delivering the right bite-size resource at the right time. Talking Talent Online incorporates our revolutionary Ask a Coach messaging service, enabling 24 hour, 5 days a week, access to an expert coach.

Digital Coaching and Development

The Digital Difference

Blended is the way forward. That’s why every Talking Talent live programme includes digital coaching because we know the support your people need. Our blended approach means we can guide and support people at every stage of their coaching journey. We provide inspiration and reflection prior to sessions while extending and enabling sustainable development once the live programme has finished.

Our digital coaching offers information, support and expertise, delivered to your inbox, bringing coaching to your workers, around the clock, extending and enriching their learning. Our content ensures a deeper level of coaching, on-demand, supporting your people when and where they need it most.

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