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It’s a new day. Organizations risk a long-term talent exodus – one that unequally impacts women and diverse talent – if they don’t address the needs of working families.  

Talking Talent helps working caregivers participate and prosper in your workforce.    

When push comes to shove. 


What happens when an employee’s work-life equation just doesn’t add up? There are no easy answers. But when employees face that problem on their own, the outcome is all too often: A) Find a new job or B) Leave the workforce altogether.  

Coaches help your employees consider all the other choices. Your employees get a fresh perspective in moments that matter – and discover alternate ways to problem solve.  

Over two thirds (68%) of parents feel professional pressures now negatively impact their ability to be the parent they’d like to be, while three in five (57%) feel guilty that they don’t spend enough time with their children. 

Parental Transitions Coaching 

Whether you call it maternity leave or parental leave, either way, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. (Honest.) Coaches are there for your employees throughout the transition: 

  • Before arrival  
  • Return to work 
  • Long-term career sustainability 
  • Emotional support 

Coaches and learning materials are designed to support all parents, no matter their path to parenthood. That means maternity coaching, paternity coaching, adoptive parent support and more.  

Parental Transitions
Working Parents Coaching

Working Parents Coaching 

Overcoming the overwhelm, at any stage. 

  • Childcare and school 
  • Co-parenting 
  • Mental load 
  • Career development  

Caregiver coaching 

Because some caregivers are looking after parents or partners, too.  

  • Planning/strategy 
  • Emotional support 
  • Changing identities 

Manager Coaching

Helping managers upskill to support parental transitions and flexible work.  

  • Supporting an employee through personal change 
  • Minimizing business disruptions 
  • Managing impact on wider team 
  • Enhancing leadership range  

"I was feeling quite overwhelmed returning to work and a bit unsure of how things might work, balancing both work and home. Having the opportunity to talk to someone who was independent and able to provide insight and a bit of steer was invaluable".

Talking Talent Online

Deliver an online learning experience that’s truly personalized for each and every employee. AI-powered logic predicts what people need next. Clicks and micro-assessments shape the journey, delivering the right bite-size resource at the right time. Includes Ask a Coach direct messaging.  

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30% of people using Talking Talent Online instantly felt better equipped to manage career and family. 

How we partner with you

When you partner with Talking Talent, you will: 

  • Get a fully managed parental leave transition program 
  • Advance gender equity by supporting all parents who want to share in caregiving 
  • Support managers to put policy into practice  
  • Fix leaky pipelines and retain your talent  
  • Accelerate talent development 
  • Create a truly family-friendly workplace 

Putting Family First 

67% of working parents say they feel their work pressures affect them being the parent they want to be. At a time when working parents and carers are struggling with increased pressure and competing priorities, how can you support your people and simultaneously supercharge your organization?  

Read   the research to discover our unique insights. 

Family-friendly is not a perk – it’s a prerequisite. 

If you’re committed to advancing working parents, that is. 

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