Balance and boundaries.

Today many of us struggle with feeling overwhelmed and over-extended, and we feel that every day is a ‘race against the clock’. We are constantly playing ‘catch-up’ with the whirlwind of commitments. Read our tips on maintaining balance and boundaries.

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Diversity and Inclusion in 2019 – what will it bring?

28th January 2019

2018 saw great strides made in shifting the dial on how organisations not only talk about diversity and inclusion, but how they are also proactively delivering initiatives to ensure business success. Our recent global research suggests that 2019 will continue to see that progress increased. Organisations will continue to make...

The gift behind Blue Monday

21st January 2019

Dr Cliff Arnal – originator of the idea of Blue Monday back in 2005, has since stated that he never intended for the phrase to emphasise misery and to become the year’s most depressing date. It was instead about, where possible, taking a positive outlook and looking ahead at opportunities...

Giving up giving up

2nd January 2019

January often has a pretty bad reputation. But, let’s face it, December is a very hard act to follow. In December it’s okay to wear inflatable antlers to work, splurge life savings on tubs of Celebrations or even eat a block of cheese before 11 am with no questions asked....

The gift of compassion for the Christmas ‘Blues'

20th December 2018

The closing out of the year can bring the chance for peaceful reflection and renewal – for many it can also be a time of challenging family dynamics and for some, loneliness. Perhaps even a mix of the two. Moments of joy and other moments of loneliness, anxiety or even...

Are your beliefs due a system update?

17th December 2018

Limiting beliefs shape our experience of the world, but most of the time, they remain unconscious. By the time we reach seven years old, many of our beliefs are hardwired. As adults, most of us haul these beliefs, which have long since stopped being helpful, straight into the work place....

Two thirds of working parents surveyed in the US believe they are failing at parenting

11th December 2018

The second report in our global working parents series examines the policy gap for working parents in the US The new study finds, despite the growing availability of paid leave to employees, working parents report a significant disconnect between what a company says it offers and what they actually experience....

Between clubhouse and gender diversity conference

23rd November 2018

What do you do Chris? Over the years, I have been asked this question hundreds of times. When I share that I am CEO and joint-founder of Talking Talent, a consultancy promoting gender diversity, the response is interesting. Some men say nothing. Other men jump to show how much they...

Being a male advocate for gender diversity is uncomfortable & that’s a good thing

20th November 2018

In 2018, being a straight white man and CEO of a consultancy promoting gender diversity and female leadership can raise a few eyebrows. Back in 2005, when my wife and I launched Talking Talent, it was even harder; gender diversity wasn’t yet understood as an urgent priority and I didn’t...

Sarah Speake joins Talking Talent as Non-Executive Director

14th November 2018

Talking Talent, the global coaching consultancy leading the gender diversity agenda, has appointed Sarah Speake as a Non-Executive Director (NED). Sarah starts this month and will be advising Talking Talent as it continues to build its business and brand internationally and expands into more new markets. Sarah will also help...

Accelerating Inclusion across the Insurance Industry

14th November 2018

I’ve partnered with an increasing number of organisations in the insurance industry over the last three years. It’s an industry that is visibly struggling with an image crisis among young graduates, and the importance of employer branding across the sector has never been more valuable. The new millennials coming up...