Wellbeing is more than personal responsibility

Wellbeing and Sustainable Performance Coaching

More than half (57%) of all professionals feel worn out by the type of work and environment where they work. 

Individuals are experiencing more strain than ever before. In a world of 24/7 connectivity, increased work-life blur, and societal change, there has never been a more important time to help your people build resilience. This is where we come in. At Talking Talent we coach for prevention, helping people put the right measures in place to stop the problem before it occurs. We understand that investing in wellbeing is essential for the sustainability, productivity and impact of your business.

Our wellbeing coaching creates a culture and environment where people can be themselves and maximise their contribution, allowing them to perform at their very best.

Your people are your biggest asset.

Poor mental health costs employers up to £45 billion a year (Deloitte) 

The Interplay between Wellbeing and Inclusion 

The wellbeing of your employees directly correlates to their sense of belonging, how happy your employees are at work and therefore how much they are prepared to show up and deliver for the business.  

Wellbeing is a priority focus for employees right now; having the tools and resources to do their job, clear and mutually agreed performance expectations and an environment that brings out the best in everyone.  This is seen by many as a baseline for any organisation wishing to build more inclusive cultures and get the best from their teams and employees.  

We Do Wellbeing 

Our specialist coaching is dedicated to improving the wellbeing and performance of individuals, teams and organisations, coaching people at the intersection of work and life. Offering coaching for individuals and executives, our programmes combine 1:1 and group coaching, with GLWS ((the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey) personal assessments and digital elements to provide an immersive coaching experience. 

Our systemic coaching solution greatly reduces the risk of psychological, emotional, social and physical health issues from occurring in people’s work and non-work identities. Our programmes elicit positive and sustainable change for your diverse talent, challenging outdated and excluding culture and behaviours and helping your people to redefine what working and living well means. 

Our proactive and preventative approach enables the tackling of upstream causes of organisational and personal wellbeing, incorporating inclusive leadership, increasing resilience, thriving sustainably, managing energy and vitality, balance and boundaries, coping mechanisms, financial anxiety, managing pressure. We aim to instill a positive mindset in your employees. 

Resilience circles

Coaching for Leaders. Be Well to Lead Well

Leadership affects culture at the core. When leaders show humility, curiosity, empathy, an ability to listen and then act and a bias towards staff empowerment, you are more likely to have engaged, well workers and a high-performing inclusive culture.

That’s why wellbeing should be priority leadership capability. Our coaching helps leaders make purposeful and well-informed choices to optimise wellbeing and resilience for themselves and others. By role-modelling wellbeing as a priority and embedding reliable disciplines, they can influence positive change in the system for others.

Working well begins with being well…

Resilience Circles to Get Them Talking 

We understand the power of conversations.  We facilitate dialogues; safe spaces for courageous conversations where your people can talk openly about their wellbeing and really consider what matters to them. This enables people to share their experiences and creates a newfound awareness of what is really happening in your organisation, inspiring new ideas for supporting and improving wellbeing and resilience. 

This has the potential, not only to deliver better policy, but also to reconnect people to your business in a meaningful way. 

Real voices create real change.  


Wellbeing for Everyone  

Investing in wellbeing and resilience coaching for sustainable performance results in reduced sickness absence and burnout, greater engagement, enhanced innovation and improved retention. Unlike off-the-shelf wellbeing training, our holistic focus on health and wellbeing coaching is a thread running through every programme that we offer. Whether that’s thriving as a working parent or creating space to grow as a female executive, an emphasis on wellbeing creates a compassionate culture, unlocking healthy high performance in the workplace so everyone can thrive. Healthy people equal a healthy business. 

Less stress, more success.

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