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Voices is the diversity, equity and inclusion podcast that digs into the real issues people face at work.

We’re taking on tough topics and having honest conversations to help us forge better, fairer, more inclusive workplaces.

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Episode #03: CQ – The next evolution in leadership

You’ve heard of IQ and EQ – and you know why they’re important – but what about CQ?

Join Rob Bravo, Coaching Director and Head of Wellbeing, to find out what care quotient is, and why it separates good leaders from the great.


Episode #01: Being a white leader speaking about DEI

Executive Coach Director, KK Harris, is joined by our CEO, Chris Parke, to talk about his experience as a white DEI expert. This open, candid conversation digs into the fear of discomfort and the power of vulnerability.

Episode #02: Where are all the female CEOs at?

As you probably already know, the vast majority of CEOs are male. So in this episode of Voices with Talking Talent, we’re asking the burning question: where are all the female CEOs at?